Dinky 555 - Cabriolet Ford "Thunderbird"


The original Dinky model of the Thunderbird was only available for a couple of years, making it one of the rarest die-cast Dinky models. First issued in 1969, only in France, the most common colour was an all-over metallic lime green. Modelled on a 1960 version of the Ford Thunderbird – the so-called ‘Square Bird’ – it was also available in South Africa painted in a variety of colours.  All boxes depict an illustration of the Thunderbird in red, regardless of the colour of the actual model.

Ford launched the Thunderbird in 1955, and it was available in eleven different models until production ceased in 2005.The first model was a two-seater convertible sports car, but the most-iconic was the 1958-1960 model that the Dinky was based on.

Considerably larger than the launch model, the ‘58 T-bird had stylish fins, dual headlights and a bonnet scoop – all faithfully reproduced on the model. Sales of the 1958-1960 reached nearly 200,000, Ford surprising everyone by re-designing the car yet again in 1961. By the time production ended in 2005, 4.4 million Thunderbirds had rolled off the production line.

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