Size: Length: 102mm Width: 35mm Height: 28mm (40mm with open roof)    Scale: 1:46


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If you ever wanted to own one Corgi Toy, then this must be it.

Wind the clock back almost 60 years to October 1965. Your nose pressed up against the cold glass of the local toy shop window, you behold the world’s most desirable toy-model of the time – the car that belonged to the world’s most famous spy.  

How many of us put that model at the top of our Christmas wish list and prayed we’d been good enough to be a lucky recipient? Actually, an incredible four million of us, give or take a few thousand, because that‘s how many were sold according to the company’s history books. It became the world’s fastest selling die-cast metal toy – a global phenomenon that revolutionised die-cast toy engineering overnight.

And little wonder, because Corgi 261 – the first-ever die-cast James Bond model – is a marvel of miniature toy engineering: an undeniable high water mark. Whereas Dinky Toys with their robust but often inaccurate castings of popular cars were popular in the 1950s, they lacked the accuracy and ingenious features Corgi Toys introduced during their 1960s ‘golden era’. Plus of course, Corgi’s Bond DB5 had that extra something… ROMANCE!

The feature packed Corgi 261 was rush-released in late 1965, just in time for the festive season. In only seven weeks Corgi sold three-quarters of a million, causing stocks to completely run out by Christmas Day. As to why it is in gold, well that’s all part of this model's iconic history! Back in '65 when Corgi were rush releasing it in time for Christmas, Corgi bosses were concerned that the silver painted factory samples looked too much like 'base metal'. So they decided to paint it gold, inspired by the previous year's Bond movie, Goldfinger. And the reason we've replicated it is because despite selling by the million, very few exist in mint condition today with the original box, 'secret instructions', spare baddie and label stickers. All of which of course we have faithfully replicated and included!

The ones with windows...

Corgi and their legendary Swansea factory prided themselves in making models with unparalleled detail and accuracy. ‘The ones with windows’ was their much-trumpeted mantra – a dig at Dinky who had commonly produced toy cars with unglazed windows.

Corgi's desire to include ever-more exciting features was almost feverish. Opening doors, sliding seats, carefully detailed interiors… the list of innovations goes on and on. And who can forget Corgi's smooth ‘Glide-O-Matic’ working suspension or legendary jewelled headlights? However, the real breakthrough came with the impact of film and television. All of a sudden, the vehicles we saw on the small screen and at the cinema were top of our lists, resulting in a swathe of amazing Corgi Toys such as the Batmobile, Saint’s Volvo and of course James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 with its amazing array of gadgets.

But lest we forget, they were toys designed to be played with – and play with them we did, taking them on our own secret mission and adventures. As a result, very few survive intact today with all the bits and bobs, let alone the original iconic packaging. And that is why we have replicated not only the famous original gold James Bond DB5 but have created the entire Corgi Model Club collection. This is your chance to own accurate and faithful die-cast replicas of the 1960s originals – at a fraction of the price an original!

A dream toy lost, forever. Until now

Re-issued accurately for the FIRST TIME EVER we are now able to offer you the ORIGINAL gold die-cast James Bond Aston Martin DB5 – Corgi 261. 

Not only have we colour matched it to the iconic gilded livery of the original first issue of this legendary Corgi, it also comes complete with those all-important working James Bond gadgets we know and love:

• Opening roof and working spring loaded ejector seat for dispatching the hapless baddie!

• Retractable machine guns for shooting at rogue enemy spies

• Telescopic bumper over-riders to force SMERSH operatives off the road

• Working pop-up metal rear bullet proof screen to protect against SPECTRE assassins trailing you

Nothing has been left out

In keeping with the original Corgi 261, you will receive TWO ‘baddies' for that spring loaded ejector seat. Countless ‘baddies' were lost down the back of the sofa, between gaps in the floorboards or even eaten by your dog! Now, as per the original release in 1965, you have a vital spare!

And don’t forget those Secret Instructions and the all important lapel-sticker that any self-respecting Double ‘O’ operative keeps close to hand.

Nothing has been left out – both model and packaging are exactly the same as that very first gold edition that appeared in shop windows in Christmas 1965. The eagle-eyed may note that our model omits both rotating number plates and rear wheel tyre slashers. And that’s for a very good reason as those features were only introduced for the second, silver edition – Corgi 270 – produced from 1968 onwards. Accuracy is our watch word – here at the Corgi Model Club we only produce accurate replicas of Corgi originals. If the original didn’t include something, then neither do we!

This remains one of Corgi Toys most iconic models of all time, and a most desirable one for collectors of this iconic British brand to this day. A genuine Corgi Toys re-issue that’s now yours to proudly own, we are delighted to have re-created this fully authentic die-cast re-issue – at a fraction of the cost of an original! 

You Also Get 2 Exclusive FREE Gifts Worth £8.98


Authentic 40-page reproduction 1966 Corgi Toys catalogue

Only available from us, this officially licensed reproduction catalogue is packed full of Corgi vintage classics.

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Exclusive Corgi Toys Certificate Tin

Specially designed just for us, this retro-styled metal tin will protect your Corgi Toys Certificates for years to come.

WORTH £4.99

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The price is just £22.99 plus P&P.  This is a fraction of the value that lucky owners will attribute to the few remaining examples of the original 261 model. Yet, ours is a complete working, boxed re-issue direct from Corgi Toys, the original manufacturer.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

“Mine has literally just arrived and I absolutely love it! Great job everyone!”
Rick Wilson
Editor of Diecast Collector Magazine
"The revival of these Corgi models from the past brings back so many memories, as it will to many others. It has been exciting working with the designers to bring them back to life and there is huge interest across the collectors world of what else is to come."
Lyndon Davies
CEO Hornby PLC
Outstanding model and presentation. Car is perfect, colour gorgeous. Icing on the cake is the presentation box complete with “secret” instructions AND spare ejector figure. Work of art!!"
Mike MacLennan
Top Fan
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The Corgi Toys 

Special Agent 007 James Bond's
Aston Martin D.B.5

I'd love to ORDER my copy of the limited JAMES BOND ASTON MARTIN DB5 for the remarkable price of just £22.99 plus £3.99 p&p, complete with ejector seat and bullet-proof window, just like the original!

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