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The Corgi Toys name is synonymous with quality die-cast cars, often with revolutionary designs and features that kept them in the forefront of die-cast model making for over four decades. These days the original models are highly collectable, not to mention valuable if kept in mint condition with that all-important box. 

The Golden Age of Corgi coincided with a post-war boom in car ownership, along with the emergence of mass entertainment, which brought so many famous characters and icons from comic strips and the silver screen to life. The likes of Batman, James Bond, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Saint went global, along with the fortunes of Corgi Toys, who cannily secured licenses to replicate their vehicles in perfect die-cast metal miniature.

An exclusive collection brought back to life and directly to you

The Corgi Model Club represents a carefully curated cross-section of some of the greatest die-cast models ever to come out of Corgi’s famous Swansea factory. Now brought exclusively and directly to you, thanks to our unique relationship with Corgi’s owner – the illustrious British toymaker, Hornby Hobbies plc, no less. The intrinsic value and collectability of the original models is testament to the enduring quality of their superb die-cast metal construction and detailing – not to mention the wonderful memories that names such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus, Porsche and Ferrari evoke. 

Nowadays, a collection of mint condition Corgi Toys in their original boxes would cost a small fortune. But not for you when you buy direct from us at such an affordable price. Become a member of the Corgi Model Club and re-discover the history of Corgi Toys. Enjoy the passion and sheer fun of collecting with these exact and precise re-issues – made by Corgi themselves!

Meet the Corgi Model Club collection...


No. 2

in the collection...

Length: 92mm Width: 36mm Height: 28mm


This stylish 2+2 coupé was everything a raffish type wanted in the early 60s – and the perfect choice for TV’s The SaintThis die-cast Corgi is packed with details, including a miniature Moore himself at the wheel, with the iconic Saint logo proudly emblazened across the bonnet. Now is your chance to relive the days when this stylish Corgi sped after villains across the living room floor!

With Roger Moore in the driving seat, it briefly made Volvo sexy and set Moore on the road to 007 superstardom. 


I have been waiting almost 50 years for these models to be reproduced, so what is happening here is fantastic!!


No. 3

in the collection...

Length: 98mm Width: 40mm Height: 23mm

Porsche Carrera 6

The streamlined 906 was the brainchild of Ferdinand Piech, the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. Given the keys to the marque’s racing team at the tender age of 28, Piech quickly learned that weight was the key to victory. He designed the 906 in glass fibre, giving it a weight of just over 500kgs. In 1966, its first full season, the 906 won at both Daytona and the illustrious Targa Floria, earning a place in the Porsche hall of fame

Corgi’s superb die-cast model features an opening rear that reveals the car’s muscular engine. Just wow!


First model arrived and wow what a great model and good quality. Love the reproduction box etc. Can't wait for the others in the release plan. Well done Corgi Model Club for a quality product at a great price.


No. 4

in the collection...

Length: 90mm Width: 38mm Height: 22mm


In the gospel according to Grand Prix legend Sir Colin Chapman, weight and distribution came before speed. Never was this better illustrated than when the Lotus-Climax cars won the 1963 and 1965 Championships. With Jim Clark at the wheel, a revolutionary monocoque body and a rear-mounted engine, these ‘garagista’ classics changed motor racing forever. 

For this exciting die-cast collection we’ve chosen Corgi’s original ‘155’ model in its classic British racing green with a yellow stripe. What a combination!


Great models and great customer focus.



No. 5

in the collection...

Length: 113mm Width: 40mm Height: 60mm


It’s a little known fact that the humble Land Rover sold better than any other Corgi model. Yes, even more than their famous James Bond cars – by the simple virtue that Corgi made so many different versions during their golden years. Sales easily outstripped the illustrious spy’s DB5, making any Corgi collection incomplete without one. We’ve picked our favourite – the Land Rover Breakdown Truck

Resplendent in its original yellow and red livery, it comes with a fully-working towing rig, complete with rope and hook.


Absolutely LOVE what the Corgi Model Club is doing. Every time I get a delivery I’m like an excited kid – and justifiably so as the models are superb!

mike goode

No. 6

in the collection...

Length: 98mm Width: 40mm Height: 30mm


The legendary Ford Mustang has long passed into motoring folklore as the fastest selling car of all time. Small wonder when one considers the V8 package buyers got in relation to the cost! With looks to kill – especially the Fastback – it is little wonder Corgi chose to model the car. 

This sporty red and white striped ‘Competition’ version is by far the best way to celebrate the daddy of all muscle cars and it comes with opening doors, jewelled headlights, spring suspension and tilting seats!


Great quality models, gives people like myself who can't afford to pay hundreds of pounds for the originals the chance to own a superb reproduction of the original model.The attention to detail is absolutely amazing and the build quality is fantastic.


No. 7

in the collection...

Length: 100mm Width: 42mm Height: 25mm

GHIA 5000 Mangusta with
De Tomaso Chassis

As the 1960s morphed into the 1970s, Corgi continued to introduce innovative features, most notably on a selection of models featuring a removable chassis. The Italian Ghia 5000 Mangusta with a De Tomaso chassis was an ideal subject – Ghia famous for their streamlined bodies and De Tomaso for their engine and chassis combinations.

Launched into the Corgi range in 1969with a stylish two-tone body, gold stripes on the bonnet and some beautifully detailed ‘magnesium’ style wheelsit certainly looked the part!


Have had no problem contacting Corgi Model Club. Very professional and dealt with my query straight away!


No. 8

in the collection...

Length: 110mm Width: 37mm Height: 25mm



Released in 1961, originally in two variations – either black/silver or two-tone green – this lavishly featured model was given jewelled lights, an opening boot (that housed a spare wheel), ‘Glidamatic’ suspension and innovative fingertip ‘self-centering’ steering. The look was completed by silver plated bumpers and a radiator capped with Bentley’s iconic ‘Flying B’ mascot – simplified somewhat due to the model’s 1:50 scale.

This extensive tooling was rumoured to have have been too expensive for the Corgi factory to maintain, hence its deletion in 1965 despite sales of over 960,000.


First class models, first class communications, first class service. 

Nothing more need be said!!


What's next

in the collection...?

PLENTY more still to come

We're only just getting started. We have more exciting models in TOP SECRET production, so get on board now so that you don't miss out!

No. ??

in the collection...

Length: 102mm Width: 35mm Height: 28mm (40mm with open roof)


One of the most famous and feature-packed die-cast models ever. Yet despite selling in huge quantities, try finding a mint condition example today. And when you do, prepare to dig deep! For Corgi enthusiasts everywhere we have reproduced the 1965 DB5 in incredible detail – for a fraction of the cost.

All of the exciting features have been carefully reproduced – the pop-out machine guns, bumper and rear bullet shield, as well as the fiendishly clever ejector seat that, at the press of a button, propels Bond’s hapless passenger into the sky!

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Pause, skip or cancel - YOU stay in control – with the Corgi Model Club you really can collect as many or as few as you wish. If you wish to pause or skip a month or cancel altogether, the models in the collection are not numbered, apart from their original Corgi serial numbers, so you are not left high and dry with half a collection. You stay 100% in control, ALL the time.

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