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Brilliant model

Excellent quality and likeness

Absolutely spendid! A bit sorry that it's made in China.


It was delivered on time thanks it was lovely to see the details of the model

Excellent Quality

Splendid Quality
I Do Own an Original To Compare
This Reissue Is Identical in Every Way Except
For The Made in of Course

Lotus F1

Good quality and excellent finish

Excellent restrike of the 007 Aston Martin

Beautifully made and replicating the original perfectly

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Le Mans classic

Never had this as a kid, but love it today. Since it arrived I've re-watched Le Mans (1970) and Le Mans 66 (2019). Both movies feature this fantastic machine in various background shots. Once again the detail is exceptional for what was a toy. I can live without the Porsche logo underneath.


Love this little beauty. It captures that exciting but incredibly dangerous time in racing when Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart etc reigned. The detail is so impressive. Thanks CMC.

Volvo P1800

Templar checked the mirror. The Humber's headlights were gaining on the Volvo. He turned into a lane, turned off the lights and saw the pursuing car vanish past before reversing out and returning in the direction he had came, the Volvo eating up the hedgerows in the twighlight. Yes...the dining table is once again my play zone 50 years later! Thanks CMC 😊

E Type Jag

Another great model, again I had the original as a lad. Brilliant remake


lovely car easy to handle nice colours. Pity it was not made in the U.K.

Bentley Continental

Most of the corgi toys I had as a child were racing car related, so it was quite a treat to receive the Bentley. A very fine diecast model car indeed and a worthy addition to any collection.

James Bond Aston Martin DB5

This model is a truly magnificent reproduction of the original model featuring all the gadgets and moving parts that made it such a success in the 1960's. It's also complimented by fine replica box artwork and packaging.

Merc Sports

Just as I remember this model. Very good indeed.

One of the best ever Corgi models

As a youngster I owned a Corgi Jaguar E-Type and always remember it as the best model in my collection. Now I have the re-issued version and it is as good as ever. Excellent job.


Over all nicely detailed although driver looks slightly to long in the body

Mercedes 300SL Roadster

Excellent quality model,very pleased.


This model is quite superb. An outstanding replica of a Corgi Toys classic.


Great looking car with suspension

GUIA 5000 Mangusta

Another great model good value

Corgi E type

One of the best models so far , certainly my favourite


Stunning reproduction - the best yet

Excellent edition

Another excellent model and nice to get a second chance to get one so please keep up the good work


brilliant model thanks