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Once again a cracking Model of the Ford Zephyr Motorway Patrol car from Corgi i like the way Corgi have used modern Technology but still kept that old world feel that i love. well done to you Corgi

Corgi model club

Every model is exceptional quality and another great addition to the collection

An avid Z-Cars Fan!

Another great nostalgia boost for me. I was a fan of Z-cars from the age of 3, and this model was originally bought for me about that time. Yes, I know the Z-cars were not estates, and they had already moved to the Mk.3 Zephyrs when I fully remember the TV programme, but this is the toy I got bought all those years ago. In my opinion the new CMC reproduction is better made than I remember, although it is hard to tell from the sorry state of my 1963 version! (It got repainted as a UNIT car in the late '60s!)_.

It is a very elegant model

It is a very elegant model with a hint of purpose in rally guise and no slouch at the Monte back in the day.

Ford Zephyr Police Car

Good paint and finish. Axle play and suspension let’s it down

Ford Zephyr

An attractive model, eagerly awaited by me and it did not disappoint, though the aerial was a tad odd looking initially, I am beginning to rather like the chubby aerial.


Lovely model car.


This was always one of my favourite Corgi models. This latest release is brilliant and brings back a lot of memories.

Great memories

My husband remembers lying on the front room carpet with the original when he was a youngster he said it brought back fond memories , one was in the wagon with dad the M1 and watching one overtaking them .

Excellent Model

Lovely model and like the others very accurate to the original.

An excellent replica.

An excellent replica of what was a very good model - albeit of a rather obscure car. Well finished, with all the original details (lights, interior etc) replicated. Maintaining the high quality of this series of replicas.

Aldo Fusciardi
Triumph Herald Coupe

Excellent reproduction model, with great detailing. Would have liked amber colour on the rear lights though, and not just red.

Cracking piece of kit

As usual another gem

Ford Zephyr Motoway patrol car

Superb recreation of a classic model of the first police cars on the M1 Motoway.
Brilliant item hope to see you do the civilian 2 tone Blue version later.

Excellent as per usual.

I very nice replica as per usual. Up to the excellent standard. I have just bought a display case for all my models. Better than storing them in their boxes.


Another excellent recreated Corgi Toy.


Brilliant very gd


Great model

Great model good casting and weight

Ford zephyr police car

Lovely crisp white paint job!

The Stingray

Another fantastic model.

First purchase

Smaller than we thought Great grandfather bought for great grandson Did not wish to continue with deliveries

Another beauty!

Again, another great job by Corgi Model Club. Beautifully packaged with a stunning box and “spy instructions”. Love the lapel sticker!
Will we see the later “silver” version of this car with the wheel spinners and revolving number plates? I hope so.

Thank you

My brother had one as a Christmas present when he was a young boy. I always wanted to play with it. This one is for my 007 lover of Bond films, the only films he actually wants to go to the cinema to see.