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271 - Ghia 5000 Mangusta with De Tomaso Chassis

Name changed

Burt Ward is Robin's secret identity, not the name of the actor who played him. Dick Grayson is the name you're looking for.

Name change

Dick Grayson is Robin's secret identity, not the name of the actor who played him. Burt Ward is the name you're looking for.

Update: It's a mystery why 17 people (so far) would give a thumbs down for me supplying a correction to an error in the ad. What's to object to?

many thanks


245 - Buick Riviera

Very quick delivery, nice model, but i have to say somewhat not as good as some of my others from CMC.
Overall , feel to model seems a bit tinny, and im a bit disappointed that only the front transmatic lighting works and not the rear as advertised. Still a good looking model but not the best by a long way..

275 - Rover 2000 TC
Christophe BARBIER

I got the real Corgi Rover in 1970 I think. Your Corgi model made me 54 years younger ... It's amazing !! Thanks of France.

Excellente réplique du modèle VW POLIZEI

Livraison parfaite !
Excellente réplique du modèle VW POLIZEI

275 - Rover 2000 TC
Hendrik Nieuwenhuizen
Great model

Well finished model with clean looks. We used to have quite a few of this model in it's day, so very happy to see it back again. The removable wheels were a popular item and work a treat on this model too. A bit stiff at first. A great model to have and to display.

246 - Chrysler Imperial
Hendrik Nieuwenhuizen

Corgi never cease to surprise. This model looks better every time I look at it. It's the extra bits that makes them special, auto bonnet opener, opening doors, two passengers and the "hidden" golf trolley, itself well finished, in the boot. It's got the lot for a small model. Paint work and finish are faultless. Just have to get used to the colour and types of plastic they used in the 60s, but that's not meant as a criticism of this model.

246 - Chrysler Imperial
Nice re-issue

Beautiful car with all extras
Nice collector


Great car !

Corgi +++

Retour en enfance...

327 - MGB GT
Marco Kobau
many thanks

onne other piece for my collection


Super model

Still not received

Hi. Order placed and confirmed on May 27. Delivery still not completed today June 11…
Nobody answered my e-mail so far, then I do not know where is the parcel

Hello William,

Thank you for your review.

I am so sorry to hear of your disappointment - please kindly email customer services at and they will gladly assist you with your query.

With kind regards
Corgi Model Club

The American police are softies!

As with all re-released Corgi's my memories go back to my childhood, when sometimes, but every now and then, one of the the original models were displayed in the windows of a local convenience store. My father would immediately buy it because often there was only one item available. Today I wonder if the toy was meant for us kids only, or that h bought them for himself as well.
I liked this particular model because the suspension was much more softer than any other modelcar we had back then. This made me believe that American cars were so much more comfortable than European cars. After I bought the re-issued model, I tried it out to see if my memory proved to be right. And it did. It is accurate as can possibly be!

Corgi Ghia

Very satisfied.


The Corgi Model Club badge is awesome, reminding me of so many years ago, when as a boy I received one as a member . I am truly blown away how like the original it is.
Thank you all for your attention to detail and giving an old member a renewed pride in wearing my badge

many thanx

very intersting piece for my collection

50's America in miniature

This one surprised me. When I saw it added to the collection I didn't think it looked anything special but when I got it out of the box my opinion changed immediately. The bright paint and super-plush suspension seemed the best so far and the weight of the model gave it a real feel of quality. If CMC continues to bring this level of quality to the range I look forward to adding many more models to my growing collection. YouTube video placeholder
Corgi club

Wonderful, I just join the club.

No 1 on the grid

Another childhood favourite although Formula 1 cars weren't (and still aren't) really my thing. This is a lovely model, though, glossy green paintwork and intricate chromed suspension and mirrors...and Jim Clark in the driving seat of course. And it looks very well indeed on the top deck of my Ecurie Ecosse transporter...yes, I know it's not historically accurate but I don't mind. So, another beauty from the CMC. Well done, folks.

275 - Rover 2000 TC
pat conneally
Another Old Favourite Reborn

This was a big favourite of mine back in the toybox days and, a presentable example having long eluded me, the CMC replica was a must buy which I am very happy to have. The entire production, car and packaging, is well up to the standard we have come to expect from the club. I have seen it suggested that the Rover is one of the finest replicas so far and I'm not going to disagree. Keep up the good work.