318 - Lotus Elan S2


In the range for only a relatively short time, the Lotus Elan S2 (Corgi 318) was introduced in 1965 but deleted just two years later. It featured a lifting bonnet (which opened to reveal a detailed chromed engine), a driver figure in racing overalls and helmet, plus tipping seats and side windows that could be raised or lowered. 

In keeping with our mission to replicate these wonderful 60s Corgi Toys as accurately as we can, we have copied what Corgi did back in the day. They originally included four little number stickers, so we have also produced four little stickers!!! 

In a nice period touch, a boot decal was emblazoned with Esso’s popular ‘I’ve Got a Tiger in my Tank’ advertising slogan. Corgi 318 was typically in a striking metallic blue, although a very small number were issued in white – the same colour it was given when part of the now-legendary Avengers ‘GS40’ gift set.

SizeLength: 85mm Width: 33mm Height: 23mm

Scale: 1:42

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Customer Reviews

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I never owned this model when i was young, always wanted it and now at 68 it sits in my cabinet. I will refrain from adding the race numbers, to keep it mint.. love this good solid model , Well done Corgi

Hope it’s better than the press release photos

I applaud Corgi for bringing this back, from the press photos it looks like they have used the original body moulding and if so thus will be a same.

There were flash lines on the original which seem to be still visible and the rear bumper and boot don’t look that smooth either. Engine bay looks good with some refreshed if non original spec detail. Let’s wait and see and hope the photos were a pre production model and the final cars will be better, fingers crossed!

Christian Kempf
Feine Modelle

Wieder ein gut gemachtes Modell mit filigranen Funktionen. Besten Dank dafür.

John E
Lotus Elan S2

As a former Lotus employee I very much appreciate the return of this delightful model. Only regret? I would like it to have been the white version as that is a more realistic Lotus colour - and it also happens to be the only original version I do not have!

The 'I've got a Tiger in my tank' sticker is a timely reminder of motoring in more enlightened times when we were not made to feel guilty just for buying petrol.

trés beau modèle avec ses vitres coulissantes.

je suis sans cesse émerveillé , de plus j'ai découvert les vitres coulissantes et c'est le détail qui manque a toute les miniatures d'aujourd' hui.
De trés belles miniatures , bravo Corgi.

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