246 - Chrysler Imperial


In the Corgi range for just two years – between 1965 and 1967 – the Chrysler Imperial included a unique and ingenious ‘secret’ bonnet-opening mechanism. Operated by applying downwards pressure on the front axle, the bonnet opened just enough to enable it to be lifted.  However, this clever method of operation was bafflingly omitted from the box text, giving rise to many believing they had a faulty model!

This classic-era Corgi also featured opening doors, tilting seats, two figures (the female passenger being considerably smaller than the male driver) and a boot/trunk that lifted to reveal a set of golf clubs and caddy. Intriguingly, a variation of the Chrysler Imperial appeared in Corgi’s 1969 catalogue as a ‘Bermuda Taxi’. Given the Corgi number 507 this unusual variant was sadly never put into production.

SizeLength: 108mm Width: 41mm Height: 31mm

Scale: 1:52

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Quilter
Instant Nostalgia

I just love this model and brings back so many memories of the time I was bought this upon release when on a holiday in Melbourne (Australia) where we were living at the time. The model has been reproduced accurately and I was so pleased to be able to own it again after handing mine down to my brothers. The finish is lively, shiny with gleaming chrome and so many features in one model, with opening doors and bonnet and boot. I was interested in the Taxi version that never got produced, but can understand why CMC haven't made this model as the premise of the club is to replicate the models that were made in the 60's. It was a great idea to make these models available again and the resulting models are proof of the input made to replicate the superb models of the 60's. I wait expectantly each month for the next model and hope CMC continue for a long time. Another great model thank you CMC.

Christopher Archer
Missed again

Whilst these models are of excellent quality, I can’t understand why it was not finished in the rarer kingfisher blue making demand so much higher. I’m sure much higher sales would be generated by issuing more of the models in an alternative colour as most serious collectors already own an original model in the original colour so are not bothered about duplicating what they already have.

Marco Kobau
very good

very intersting

Hendrik Nieuwenhuizen

Corgi never cease to surprise. This model looks better every time I look at it. It's the extra bits that makes them special, auto bonnet opener, opening doors, two passengers and the "hidden" golf trolley, itself well finished, in the boot. It's got the lot for a small model. Paint work and finish are faultless. Just have to get used to the colour and types of plastic they used in the 60s, but that's not meant as a criticism of this model.

Nice re-issue

Beautiful car with all extras
Nice collector

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