474 - Musical Ford Thames Wall's Ice Cream Van (shipping January 2023)


This much-loved ‘musical’ version of Corgi’s Wall’s Ford Thames Ice Cream Van was initially produced in October 1965. Given the model number 474, it was launched just six months after an earlier edition, number 447, which had omitted the iconic five note chimes. The additional production cost of including the musical movement resulted in 447’s child and ice cream seller figures not being included.

Instead, Corgi created a new box design, complete with an illustrative insert card depicting expectant ice cream buyers queuing for their Wall’s ice cream or lolly. Cuts in this card allow it to be slotted into the open window of the ice cream van model to create a mini diorama.

Size: Length: 105mm x Width: 36mm x Height: 48mm

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent - But A Little Out Of Tune

Excellent looking model, but there's something about the chimes that just don't sound right. I'm not even talking about in comparison to the original (which I've never heard), just judging it on its own merits. The chimes aren't consistent and don't really constitute a tune.

It would be nice to see the original version with figures also reissued.

William Murdoch
Fantastic thanks so much made up

They are what I remembered from my childhood and the excitement after all them years ago was amazing 👏

David Pritchard
A walk down memory lane.

Magic, just how I remember the real thing when I was a kid!

John Boxall
Stop me and buy one

Nice model a time warp


very well