358 - Oldsmobile HQ Staff Car


Based on Corgi’s long-running Oldsmobile 88, the HQ Staff Car was one of a number of military- themed vehicles introduced into the Corgi range at the beginning of 1965.An attempt to breathe new life into previously issued models, the initiative was only partly successful, possibly because Corgi chose mainly British vehicles, inexplicably giving them incongruous US Army liveries.

The HQ Staff Car was the exception and is now regarded as one of the most collectible of all Corgi Oldsmobile 88s – due to its low sales at the time and therefore relative scarcity today. Despite being based on an early Corgi tooling (from 1962), it is a fine model in its own right and features a full complement of passengers – a driver and three other figures.

SizeLength: 105mm Width: 40mm Height: 25mm

Scale: 1:49

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Customer Reviews

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Pat Conneally
An inspired choice

There is something very appealing about this model despite the drab military green colour scheme. Perhaps it’s the full complement of officers inside making it one of Corgi’s few models to have four passengers? It was a relatively rare model in its day so it’s great to be able to buy one now for very reasonable money. And it’s another fine replica, well up to the Club’s standards. Hopefully we will see further replicas of less common models as time goes on and a replica of the No 356 VW Military Personnel Carrier from the same series would be nice (hint).

Richard Wear
Surprisingly attractive in olive drab

As a kid l had the sheriff and met blue versions but not #358. I missed out! What a great collection these excellent classic Corgi Toys re issues are building into. Here is a photo of the 1962 Olds 88 in civvies.

At first I thought - it's just the Oldsmobile police car repainted!

Which was apparently what our 1960's counterparts thought too!
So well done CMC on re-creating that original feeling again!
But having the toy in my hands, it is a lovely matt olive green colour which makes a interesting change from the usual glossy finish.
It was perhaps a bit harshly criticised at the time, but the four figures inside add an air of authority to it.
Anyway I'm off to play some Jack Reacher!

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