Corgi Model Club 

First and foremost, we’re enthusiastic Corgi fans – just like you – and our new online shop is where we are proud to display some of our growing collection of models. We issue a new Corgi every month, a perfect replica of an original model that was first released into the Corgi Toys range back in the Sixties and Seventies.

Here at the Corgi Model Club we’re honoured to work closely with Hornby PLC on this unique project and hope that our passion for all things Corgi helps to reignite your childhood memories of these wonderful die-cast models.

Even if you're new to Corgi Toys and are not old enough to remember them in their heyday, we’re confident you’ll be able to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into manufacturing each of these miniature marvels of model engineering.

“The ones with windows’ was Corgi’s boast to their legion of young fans back in the day, a claim that was founded on a plethora of features that their famous rival, Dinky Toys, were slow to respond to. Always one step ahead of the competition, Corgi became the undisputed market leader, building an unsurpassed collection of models that the Corgi Model Club is now proud to replicate – all for a fraction of the cost of an original!