Privacy Policy


1.1 Personal Data 

BLUE14 D2C Ltd wants to make sure any customers or website users can keep control of their personal data. To do this, the user can modify their preferences for phone email and direct marketing communications and how their  personal data may be processed contacting the BLUE14 D2C Ltd Customer Services Team below or by sending us an email to The user also has the right to be informed of how their personal data is used and processed. The user has the right to access and to rectify the personal data held by BLUE14 D2C Ltd. The user can request to receive this personal data In a commonly used and machine readable format. The user can also request for any personal data to be erased on the understanding that BLUE14 D2C Ltd will no longer be able to provide the level of service expected. 

What information does BLUE14 D2C Ltd collect and why? 

BLUE14 D2C Ltd collects data directly from users when an order form or a registration is placed on the BLUE14 D2C Ltd website, or via a completed paper or telephone order.

BLUE14 D2C Ltd uses cookies to collect information about website traffic and usage. BLUE14 D2C Ltd also collects information about users computers, their Internet connections, operating systems and domains. If a user has arrived at the BLUE14 D2C Ltd site via a link from another website, BLUE14 D2C Ltd will collect information about the URL of the link in page. This information may include: 

Personal data which includes name contact details and any transactional information.

Any information that user includes in the correspondence sent to the company. Website usage information such as the user’s IP address, browser type, page views and information about use of the BLUE14 D2C Ltd website. 

See section 1.3 below for more information about cookies.

The purpose of BLUE14 D2C Ltd’s collection of personal data is to:

  • Manage the user’s account, their profile and any purchasing activity.
  • Deliver a good service and always strive to improve it.
  • To provide the User with information on products and services that have been requested and other information and offers that BLUE14 D2C Ltdbelieves will be useful.

The purpose of collecting data on the BLUE14 D2C Ltd website usage and traffic data is to : 

  • Understand the way users interact with the BLUE14 D2C Ltd
  • Enhance the BLUE14 D2C Ltdwebsite design layout, functionality and the user’s experience as a whole.
  • Ensure users enjoy relevant products and services on offer.

How does BLUE14 D2C Ltd utilise user data and for how long do BLUE14 D2C Ltd keep it ?

When a user orders a BLUE14 D2C Ltd product, we process a customer’s personal data to manage their account, and to fulfil and manage their orders. The basis on which BLUE14 D2C Ltd processes customer’s personal data in this regard is to fulfil any contractual obligations as a vendor to them. 

Pursuant to UK and European Economic Area data protection and freedom of information legislation, the Customer has a right of access and rectification of information concerning them. Under the Terms of these laws, the Customer can also challenge and oppose the treatment and use of this data. The terms for exercising this right are stipulated in the “ “Privacy Policy” in section 10.2. The Customer may exercise their rights according to one of the following procedures:

  • by sending a postal letter to the following address: BLUE14 D2C LtdCustomer Service Team, Unit C, Empress Park, Empress Road, Southampton, SO14 0HH
  • by contacting BLUE14 D2C LtdCustomer Services Team by phone: 0333 030 77 44 (Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call from a landline. Refer to your service operator for mobile phone charges). Open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays from 9 am to 4 pm (Closed Christmas and Easter Day).

1.2 Privacy Policy

When a user grants BLUE14 D2C Ltd permission, we will use the user’s contact details such as email, postal address or phone number to communicate information that BLUE14 D2C Ltd believes will be of legitimate interest to that user. Such information may include promotions, offers, new products and service updates. The basis on which BLUE14 D2C Ltd processes personal data in this regard is only when it has been granted the user’s full and relevant consent.

When BLUE14 D2C Ltd is given the relevant permission by the user, we will share the user’s email, postal address or phone details with other organisations owned by the same Parent Company, BLUE 14 D2C Ltd and other carefully selected partners for up to 5 years. The basis upon which BLUE14 D2C Ltd shares this data is with the user’s full consent. If the user does not wish to receive any communications from third parties, they can click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email, or by contacting the BLUE14 D2C Ltd Customer Service centre noted in section 1.1 above or by visiting the contact us section on the BLUE14 D2C Ltd website. 

There are other instances in which BLUE14 D2C Ltd may process users personal data and they are listed below as follows:

  • Where processing enables BLUE14 D2C Ltd to enhance, modify, personalise or otherwise improve services and communications to its customers.
  • To identify and prevent fraud.
  • To enhance the security of BLUE14 D2C Ltd’s network and information systems
  • To better understand how users interact with BLUE14 D2C Ltd’s websites and contact channels.
  • To determine the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and advertising activity.

The basis by which BLUE14 D2C Ltd processes user data in the manner described above is for BLUE14 D2C Ltd’s legitimate business interest. Whenever BLUE14 D2C Ltd processes data for legitimate business interest purposes, we will always ensure that customers personal data rights are protected. BLUE14 D2C Ltd may process and retain customers personal data for up to 5 years after the last transaction with BLUE14 D2C Ltd.

In return, the user endeavours to communicate accurate name, address, email address and other contact information, which they may or may not have granted permission for that data to be used for promotional purposes, is also accessible by BLUE14 D2C Ltd, which as such is acting in its Legitimate Interest,  From the time this data has been provided by the Customer and indicated that it can be used by BLUE14 D2C Ltd, if there is a problem of sending or receiving mail electronically or via the post as a result of a move, transfer or closure of the mail or email account, then the company, acting in its Legitimate Interests, may use any remaining contact within its means to contact the user.  

Users have the right to object to this process and if they wish to do so they should please contact the BLUE14 D2C Ltd Customer Services Team, the details of which are noted in section 1.1 above or via our contact us page. Users should bear in mind that if they object to usage of data for legitimate business interest reasons then this will affect BLUE14 D2C Ltd’s ability to carry out certain tasks and services that benefit the customer.

BLUE14 D2C Ltd may share user information with other BLUE14 D2C companies and suppliers to fulfil any contractual obligations to customers for the purposes described above. BLUE14 D2C Ltd, BLUE14 D2C Group companies operate and work with companies throughout the world. If user data is transferred to countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), that personal data will be protected by the same standard general data protection regulations (GDPR). 

BLUE14 D2C Ltd informs the user of their rights to register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), which protects those on its registry from contacted by cold calling or any other form of unrequested telephone solicitation by BLUE14 D2C Ltd or any Third Party. BLUE14 D2C Ltd is in no way responsible to administer registration of the TPS or to update it on behalf of or for any of its users. 

 1.3 Cookies

A cookie is a small file which is placed on the user’s hard drive or mobile phone / tablet preferences during a website visit. This file enables the user to move quickly around BLUE14 D2C Ltd website. It is also designed to identify returning users. BLUE14 D2C Ltd also uses a cookie to track a user’s sessions and preferences. BLUE14 D2C Ltd uses this information to find out which products and website features  are the most popular and to utilise this information collected to show the user relevant content in the future.       

Further information on the use of Cookies can be found at

Users can opt out of cookies by rejecting this request by BLUE14 D2C Ltd, when they first visit the BLUE14 D2C Ltd  website or by sending us an email to

To be able to provide the best possible level of service, BLUE14 D2C Ltd may use reputable third-party re-marketing solutions to advertise across the Internet. The solutions will display advertisements to users based on what parts of the BLUE14 D2C Ltd website they have viewed by placing a cookie on their web browser. This cookie does not in any way identify users or give access to their computer or other devices. The cookie is used to indicate which other websites that the user may have visited, or a particular page so that BLUE14 D2C Ltd can show the user offers and advertisements relating to that page. Re-marketing solutions allow BLUE14 D2C Ltd to tailor its marketing better to suit users needs and display advertisements that are more relevant to them. If users who visit the BLUE14 D2C Ltd website, do not wish to generate such remarketing cookies, they can opt out in the following ways:

To opt-out of usage of cookies and pixel tags on the retro website please click here or send us an email to

To opt-out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising lnitiative opt-out page by clicking here on this link. 

BLUE14 D2C Ltd uses reputable third-parties to deliver emails. These third-parties use unique identifiers and invisible images, often called pixel tags or clear GIFs to perform message opening sensing, message format sensing and click through sensing on behalf of BLUE14 D2C Ltd to bring users more relevant information and offers. 

Users have the right to opt out of cookies and pixel tags. If they wish to do so please contact us:

  • by sending a postal letter to the following address: BLUE14 D2C LtdCustomer Service Team,  Unit C, Empress Park, Empress Road, Southampton, SO14 0HH
  • by contacting BLUE14 D2C LtdCustomer Services Team by phone: 0333 030  77 44 (Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call from a landline. Refer to your service operator for mobile phone charges). Open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays from 9 am to 4 pm (Closed Christmas and Easter Day).
  • by sending an email to us at:

2.1 Customer Satisfaction

If, within 30 days of paying for your CORGI MODEL CLUB product, you are not 100% satisfied, you are entitled to a full refund if you return it in the same condition that you received it. Our terms are wholly in accordance with The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 and your statutory rights are not affected. This offer is open to customers in the UK only. All orders subject to acceptance. Gifts may vary and are subject to availability. Please allow 10-14 days for your delivery. 

BLUE14 D2C Ltd have an exclusive license to sell and distribute Corgi Toys in the UK.