237 - Oldsmobile "Sheriff" Car


Based on 1961’s Oldsmobile Super 88, this classic American police car model was released in 1962. Corgi produced around 615,000 – an indication of how influential US cop shows and movies were at the time. Given ‘Glidamatic’ suspension and a roof-mounted emergency light, it was perfect for car chases across the living room floor – no doubt receiving chips to its paintwork as it collided with skirting boards and rammed into the hapless getaway car model!

With its iconic black and white livery and silver foil ‘County Sheriff’ roundels on the doors, it stayed in the Corgi range until 1966. Corgi went on to produce two further Oldsmobile Super 88 models – a rather sedate family saloon (Corgi 235), then in 1966, the classic feature-laden Man from U.N.C.L.E.‘Thrush-Buster’ (Corgi 497).

SizeLength: 107mm Width: 40mm Height: 35mm

Scale: 1:49

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Customer Reviews

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Johan Van Haalen
The American police are softies!

As with all re-released Corgi's my memories go back to my childhood, when sometimes, but every now and then, one of the the original models were displayed in the windows of a local convenience store. My father would immediately buy it because often there was only one item available. Today I wonder if the toy was meant for us kids only, or that h bought them for himself as well.
I liked this particular model because the suspension was much more softer than any other modelcar we had back then. This made me believe that American cars were so much more comfortable than European cars. After I bought the re-issued model, I tried it out to see if my memory proved to be right. And it did. It is accurate as can possibly be!

Amazing car, great

Its a great car, fantàstic
I have one when I was a little boy, gere in Barcelona, Spain, my father carry one car e very time that He travels to Llondon, or Liverpool

Bruno Spoelbergh
Prachtige wagen

Prachtige exenplaar

Paul-Etienne Voreux
jouets de mon enfance


JC Dalmau
Beautiful police car from Corgi

Another nice addition to my Corgi collection. I have in my possession the old original version of this Oldsmobile car, but in the civil version. Also in this case I can conclude that Corgi Club has made an identical version of this casting.

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