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Corgi’s Chevy Impala must be included in any list of the most iconic 1960s diecasts. And the ’59 Impala is one of my personal all-time favourite motors so this replica had to be bought. And what a beauty it is, a perfect reprise of the second type Corgi Impala – the one with the body casting in two parts. Introduced in 1965 as an update of the earlier No 221 and in the range for just one year, this is a relatively scarce Corgi and a brilliant choice for the Club to model. As with other Club issues, it is a superb replica and the thrill of having a brand-new Impala to admire (and play with) half a century later more than justifies the modest outlay. The hat is raised, folks. And I’m looking forward to the Fire Chief version.

Hi I was very happy with my interm 007 car and it took me back 56 yrs since held my last 007, then I see the same car on line for lower price 20.00 euros cheaper then what I purchased so Im now thinking about not going to invest in any more Corgi cars. A Sorryed customer


Just a lump of metal, no opening doors or bonnet, a waste of money

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Great model ,when are we going to get bat mobile

Ice cream van

Love it and them all so far what I go . And looking forward to more in the collecting. Thanks

Outstanding diecast.

Yet another outstanding re-issue from Corgi's back catalogue of mid century American cars. I had #211S in the vac plated gold, much prefer the Corgi Club's choice of metallic gold.

Dinky Toys Set of 3
Mike Ryalls
Nice to see old favourites again

Even as a boy, I preferred the simplicity of Dinky Toys and this set reflected that simplicity. Corgi Toys were revolutionary when they first appeared, particularly the mechanical ones. Reproducing one of those would be a worthy challenge for Hornby, but only if they can avoid the gaffs, such as producing an ambulance with a battery operated light on the roof which is white and doesn't flash . . .

Another set of Dinky Toys would be nice too!

An inspired choice

There is something very appealing about this model despite the drab military green colour scheme. Perhaps it’s the full complement of officers inside making it one of Corgi’s few models to have four passengers? It was a relatively rare model in its day so it’s great to be able to buy one now for very reasonable money. And it’s another fine replica, well up to the Club’s standards. Hopefully we will see further replicas of less common models as time goes on and a replica of the No 356 VW Military Personnel Carrier from the same series would be nice (hint).


A great looking model in a lovely colour,a magnificent addition to the range

This Jag is an absolute cracker!

This is one I didn’t have as a kid so its arrival brought all the excitement of getting a new Corgi back in the day. No 335 was described as ‘the best detailed diecast model we have seen’ by one reviewer when it was introduced to the Corgi range in June 1968 and I see no reason to argue. This was Corgi at the top of their game and this replica is a beauty – lustrous red paint finish, chromed brightwork and even twin exhausts underneath. And everything fits and works. For my money, this one is as good as contemporary diecast models and better than many – not bad for a replica of a model from 55 years ago! It has taken pride of place in the display cabinet and the only problem is that I may have to order the blue version from the Corgi site too!
And then there is the packaging, a veritable masterpiece of engineering in card and plastic which solves the perennial problem of how to open a blister-packed model without damaging the artwork. The Corgi Model Club is setting new standards in replica diecast production. Keep up the good work.

Beautiful DB5

Fantastic model. Keep the great work Corgi Model Club👍

my models

yeah nice little model no problems with it great detail and if your into collecting nice way to start your collection.

Hello, I can order the new Corgi model from you and the shipping costs to Germany. Greetings

James bond car

Very good service 120% and very happy with all I ordered looking forward in the future to buy the tv series cars thank u very much.

Surprisingly attractive in olive drab

As a kid l had the sheriff and met blue versions but not #358. I missed out! What a great collection these excellent classic Corgi Toys re issues are building into. Here is a photo of the 1962 Olds 88 in civvies.

More a toy than a model.

This is more a toy than a detailed model, but is none the worse for it, just be aware of it, overall it’s quite nice with a working winch etc, price is good too.

Ford Thames Airborne Caravan

Absolutely beautiful, every bit as good as the original, a superb looking model, can’t fault it in any way, love it!!

Corgi Bond Aston Martin

Great to have this model to remind me of when I had one of the originals! Fantastic reproduction.

Made in China !

If I’d known it was made in China I’d never have bought it

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Excellent have an original made in the UK

Aston martin

Creat car with all the gadgets plus a display stand and extra man if one gets lost AAAAA

Nostalgic quality

Just had to join up for the nostalgia mainly but the quality of the models is outstanding. Cannot wait to get some more.

James bond car

Got mine this morning very happy and what a fine model it is no problem with it . Looking forward to getting more from. Yous.

417 - Land-Rover Breakdown Truck
The one with no steering wheel or seats.

Nice model but there is no steering wheel or seats.